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22/10/2020 If you have trouble getting all documents ready for your application in time, just write us an E-Mail. We will find a solution for that.
30/09/2020 You can see a list of the teams that already applied for ACC2021 on a new sub-page.
If any of the participating teams need the logo for the search for sponsors or else, you can find the logo package on the Regulations/Downloads page
09/09/2020 Some teams had trouble with selecting the T-Shirt sizes. Don’t worry, just write the sizes in the E-Mail seperately. We will double check with you after registration is over.
28/08/2020 We had some trouble with the pdf form, but it is available on the Regulations page now.
25/08/2020 Regulations (V1.10) and FAQs are updated. The application form will be uploaded tomorrow.
23/08/2020 There will be an FAQ-Section later today.
The application form will be published latest on Wednesday 26.08.2020. You will need the following data:
– teamname
– university
team members (up to 7):
– names
– date of birth
– food preferences: vegan, ovo-lacto vegetarian, allergies
– T-shirt size
– Are you an Euroavia-member?
Additionally you need a professor in charge statement and some pictures/scans/documents that all team members (except pilot) are students of your university.
06/08/2020 V01.00 of the regulations is published. We wish you all good luck! If there are any questions feel free to contact us! Regulations ACC 2021
08/2020 Publication of the Regulations will be on 06.08.2020 6pm (4pm UTC)
07/2020 Publication of the Regulations is planned for the first week of August at the moment.
06/2020 A lot of things are done, but there is still a long way to go. We found a great location and we are almost done with the paperwork. Additionally we reserved accomodation for the participants.
Our team is already very excited to host you for the ACC 2021. We hope to meet some old friends and also welcome a lot of new teams!As you know, Munich is not a cheap city. We will keep the participation fee very comparable to the last ACC. And of course we are still looking for more sponsors to lower your cost and make the event better as well!
To get you the possibility to plan ahead we wanted to publish some important dates. Please note that these are still preliminary, but we are confident that there won’t be a lot of changes! (Please don’t book your flights yet 😉 )
First of all the date of the competition:
6. – 9. July 2021
The event will be one day for meeting the other teams, technical inspection and so on. The next three days are planned for flying. Arrival will be on 5.7.2021, Departure on 10.7.2021. Of course all travel through the competition days are included as well as accomodation, meals and so on. (Details will follow with the regulations)We are currently finalizing the regulations and have to prove read and check them once more.
We plan to release the new regulations in July 2020

Applications will most likely start in September 2020

First payments will be in January 2021

Again: please note that  these dates are still subject to change, so please check from time to time.

03/2020 At the moment we try to get a location for the competition. We really hope our favorite works out.
So far we get a lot of support, so we are confident to get everything done until mid-summer for the release of the regulations (not before June).
The Corona virus slows us down a little bit, but thanks to web conferencing we are still getting things done.
01/2020 the new year started with a very productive round to get started with the regulations. We have a lot of ideas but we want to keep the character of the competition. Most important is for everybody to have fun and learn a lot more than “just” building an aircraft!
12/2019 We decided on basic elements for the ACC. At the moment we look for location, accomodation and sponsors to reduce your payments.
The starting flags (red/green) that are traditionally passed to the winning team like a challenge cup, are now in munich.
11/2019 Expect regular updates on this site. Details on regulations (when the publishing date will be) and how to participate should be available in December/January here.
10/2019 We started organizing the event