ACC 2021

You will get all information about the Air Cargo Challenge 2021 in Munich on this site!

Keep in touch with us via E-Mail ( and Facebook.

03/2020 At the moment we try to get a location for the competition. We really hope our favorite works out.
So far we get a lot of support, so we are confident to get everything done until mid-summer for the release of the regulations (not before June).
The Corona virus slows us down a little bit, but thanks to web conferencing we are still getting things done.
01/2020 the new year started with a very productive round to get started with the regulations. We have a lot of ideas but we want to keep the character of the competition. Most important is for everybody to have fun and learn a lot more than “just” building an aircraft!
12/2019 We decided on basic elements for the ACC. At the moment we look for location, accomodation and sponsors to reduce your payments.
The starting flags (red/green) that are traditionally passed to the winning team like a challenge cup, are now in munich.
11/2019 Expect regular updates on this site. Details on regulations (when the publishing date will be) and how to participate should be available in December/January here.
10/2019 We started organizing the event